7 content marketing tools for bloggers

Content marketing tools for bloggers

Finding an appropriate content marketing tool is the topmost predictive factor for bloggers. In the industry, there are plenty of content marketing tools for bloggers, yet, not all are with the same features. Today, we are going to share with you some industry-leading content marketing tools.

The price also makes a difference concern on it. Some of them are free, also many paid versions are available. Regardless of that, content marketing tools have a great role to get a good ranking on the search engines. If you have not yet started your blogging journey you can check out at- How to start a blog in less than an hour.

There are plenty of DM Tools in the industry. You can try these content marketing tools for sharpening your marketing strategy.


7 Content marketing tools for bloggers


7. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular names in the internet world, yet, it is mostly-known for grammatical aids. However, it has a great feature as a content marketing tool.

Grammarly Main Features

  • Easy To Use- This is the topmost concern of it- very easy to use.
  • Instant Result– It’s an artificial intelligence system correct tons of errors instantly.
  • Quality Service– Grammarly gives a quality service.
  • Plagiarism Detect– It can instantly detect plagiarism.
  • Grammatical Mistakes– Find and correct over 250 grammatical mistakes instantly.

6. Canva

    Canva will help you to blend a high-quality picture within a very short time. Therefore, while considering your imaginary content shared on numerous social media, Canva could be the single choice for you.

    Canva Main Features

    • User-Friendly- Canva is the most user-friendly tool, unlike others.
    • Massive Models– It has massive models to use.
    • Superiority Images– Canva always comes with quality images.
    • Prompt Result– It will give you high-quality images within a very short time.
    • Erasure– Canva allows you to make the necessary changes.

    5. Loomly

    If you are searching for a premier editorial calendar tool for your content marketing strategy, then Lommly might be the right one for you. It is also very simple for use, thus popular also.

    Loomly Main features

    • Fit-well– It is fit-well with every type of content.
    • Super Simple– Loomly is super simple to use.
    • Work-flow– Its work-flow feature enables teamwork for you.
    • Focus Point– Looomly greatly focused on social media posts.
    • Scheduling– You can use it for scheduling different social media posts.

    4. Rank Math

    All the content writer’s first aim to gain the search engine ranking. But, it is not any tasks that finished overnight. Yet, nearly possible if you use the Rank Math. It will show you the way to gain search engine ranking.

    Rank Math Main Features

    • Free– It is absolutely free to use.
    • User-Friendly– It is very simple with use.
    • Real SEO Guide– It will guide you on how to gain ranking.
    • Pin-Point Error Detect- It will show the pin-point error to fix.
    • Suggested Keyword- It also allows you to find additional keywords that might be useful for your content.

    3. SEMRush

    In the blogging world SEMRush known as the all-rounder tool. This is a well-fit content marketing tool for all types of bloggers. Many bloggers using SEMRush in the long run world-wide.

    SEMRush Main Features

    • Keyword Tracking- SEMRush will notify you of the organic ranking keyword by your competitors.
    • Competitors Action Detecting– You can detect the competitor’s actions by it.
    • Keyword Source– You can use SEMRush as a healthy source of keywords.
    • Easy To Use– It is very user-friendly.
    • Keyword Performance– It allows you to monitor targeted keywords performance.

    2. ContentCal

    This is another one that also very useful for content marketers. CotentCal gains it’s popularity by giving quality service for many years. Let’s see the reason behind it that makes it such a great tool among all.  Signup Contentcal and use “DMTools” to get $30 Credit Today.

    Contentcal main features

    • Team Management– ContentCal is focused on team management.
    • Work-flow Tracking– It enables you to track total contents work-flow.
    • Supporting- ContentCal supports numerous social media.
    • Analytics- By this tool, you can get a overview on how are you doing.
    • Panic Button- It can save your content from unusual effects.
    • Social media posting- it has marvelous social media posting features

    1. GetResponse

    You can make tremendous sales funnel using this tool. So signup Getresponse free and take your content marketing skill to the next level.

    Getresponse main features

    • Marketing Automation– It can deliver relevant emails and experiences automatically.
    • Scalable Work-flow– Regardless of the size of your business, it can create a sound work-flow.
    • Landing pages– you can create unlimited landing pages
    • User-Friendly– It is very easy to use.
    • Drive Visitors– It helps to drive visitors from social media to your site.
    • Free Trial- They offer a 30-days free trial.

    So now it is your turn! Which content marketing tool you like most? Let us know your thoughts. And share this useful “content marketing tools for bloggers” with your best social media friends and fans.

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