How to start a mom blog and make money

How to start a mom blog and make money

Starting a mom blog for making money not such a hard task as you might be thinking. Instead, it’s a job that involved plenty of enjoyment while running cash direct to the mom’s vanity bag. Confused? Keep your confusion aside, and read this guide on “how to start a mom blog and make money.”

You may indeed have already taken a tour on the internet for learning to make money while blogging. Eventually, you have seen there are lots of mama blogging and robotically making money, even while they are so busy, isn’t it?

Blogging does not just enable mama to make money. Relatively, it also opens a creative outlet, special for the mom’s who are- for a little moment, feels bore. Moreover, it also sweeping the opportunity for a mom to share the experience with others apart from making additional cash.

This article guide you step by step how can a mom start, run and finally make money from a blog. We are TheOnPage, pretty sure that if you follow this guide as we are described herewith, blogging with making money will look so easy to you, indeed!

How To Start A Mom Blog And Make Money

 Let’s Start With “How To Start A Mom Blog”

1. Choose Your Favorite Topic/Niche

Once you have decided to start a blog, now turn to select the topic you are want to write on. Sometimes this becomes a little bit taught to do, even overwhelming. There are lots of things you like or love, but confusion may occur while time to taking one out of them to write.

Moreover, as you are going to make your blog a cash-making machine, therefore, you may not be able to talk about only on your-self or the little one at your home. Instead, you must have to think about traffic growth, Google ranking, readers’ attention, and so on.

That is the reason behind you need to select a niche, first. We suggest you choose that one you are very passionate to. The topic you like most and you are very familiar with, having tons of updated information will be the right choice for you.

2. Choose Your Blog Name

This is the most entertaining portion for a mom to selecting a name for her blog. Remember, you will be searched by this name on the internet. And, this is the unique identity on the net world for you. Thus, be care full to find the right one for you.

We suggest taking as short as you can within 3-7 characters with .com– yet, unfortunately, you may not be able to find that. However, you may select your blog name matching with your niche also. Or, your self one. Whatever it is, it should be very eye-catching, easy to rememberable with dictionary meaning.

Furthermore, try to make it easy to spell and simple. Your blog name will convey the message to the readers what about you have written here. And, again, go with the .com as it is very common and popular as well.

3. Choose Your Hosting Provider

Now you are going to rent your blog’s home on the internet where you can store all of your virtual assets, safely. In addition to that, your blog’s performance and smooth functionality mostly depend on the hosting you have chosen for your blog. Thus, this is a very caring item to do.

There are tons of hosting provider companies in the market offering numerous facilities for users, BlueHost,, iPage, InmotionHosting, for instance. All is facilitating almost the same functionality with their hosting service, yet, iPage may appeal to you something sexy for you.

ipage web hosting

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Based on our experience, we therefore highly recommend you to go with the iPage. It is the cheapest- just $1.99/month with the 36 months package,  hosting provider in the industry while enabling all the functionalities you need to run a blog successfully and smoothly.

Apart from this, optimum uptime 99.99%, free domain name, free SSL certificate, with 24/7 customer service- might appeal to you. Additionally, iPage also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee.

4. Install WordPress And Theme

At this stage, you will be busy with installing your blogging platform- WordPress, the unbeatable blogging platform for both beginners and experts. Eventually, you also need to shape your blog with a lucrative visualization.

Puzzled? No, way, we are here to help you. On the off chance that installation of WordPress just needs a few clicks. Logging in with your iPage hosting account, click on the “WordPress Install” button. After that, push the “Do It Yourself” and then the “Install” button. You are almost done.

Now, click the “Check Domain” icon and finally, “Install Now.” Wow! You did it! Thanks to WordPress for such a simple installation process offerings. Now time to design your blog with an eye-catching and meaningful theme that related to your niche. Yet, you may keep it as it now, but it is looking a little bit unprofessional.

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There are thousands of themes available in the WordPress theme directory, you just need to find the best fit for your one. We highly recommend getting the ElegantThemes and Mythemeshop, as both are more convenient as well as with a wide range of choosing options. Go to your WordPress dashboard, find them and make them yours.

5. Start Writing

So, you have done all the preliminary jobs successfully, now time to do the master-work. This is when you will be able to show your creativity.

Your writing should be informative, engaging, human-readable with error-free that easily ranks in the search engine.

If you are good at writing- well, just keep it up and sharpen it as the trend demanded. Otherwise, there are plenty of writing aids available on the internet you can take help. Our recommended ProWriting Aid is one of them who might be your appropriate writing coach.

Subsequently, Grammarly– that we also recommend for you, is the most popular in this relation. It will make your writing as a fresh look at by erasing all the grammatical and spelling errors. Additionally, you can use Grammarly as a plagiarism checker at free of cost.

Moreover, if you are searching for something different from usual, or want to have a distinguished taste of writing for your blog, take a tour at Fiverr. Many writers with versatile experience are waiting to be hired. Hire one of them- for instance, to write for your blog.

Booyah! You have finished successfully the major part of how to start a mom blog and make money.

Now Ended Up With “Make Money”

  • Google Adsense

This is such a program running by Google itself one of the most popular money-making ways for bloggers worldwide. Mom also can monetize their blog by adding their blog in the Google Adsense network.

There are several ways they pay for, CPM, CPC, for instance. You need to apply for it and Google is the main administrator for this platform. You may need to optimize its size and place to be shown, so that, it could be more visible and chances to click.

  • Amazon Affiliate

This is the most sensible money-making idea that makes special sense for mom. There is- in Amazon, plenty of home-based products that mom might be interested in and comfortable to be an affiliate with.

Apply to the Amazon expression of interest to become an affiliate partner for their products. After having their permission, you just need to promote their products and write some positive reviews on their products in your blog. After every conversion, they will make you a “thank you” bonus.

  • Sell Your Expertise Training

Ok, if, as an expert mom, you are not willing to sell other’s products/services, instead of your one- you could. Start writing on a specific topic that you are an expert on. But that must be well written and have great demand as well.

Present it to the right audience with appropriate tone, so that they easily grab this and being interested to know more. Raise your authority voice on Cooking- if you are an expert on that, for instance, offer readers training on it and make money.

  • Others

Moms can make money with their blog in numerous ways apart from the above. Many companies offer referrals commission for their products or service, using own blog mom can grab it.

Consequently, by writing advertorials, giving sponsor content service, guest post service, for instance, might be the ways of making money for mom while blogging.

In conclusion on how to start a mom blog and make money, we described herewith, yet briefly, a few ways that are the most commonly used. Apart from this, there are also some other ways mom might be interested to give a try.

In addition to that, it is also true that if you are passionate to start blogging for cash, many windows will open in front of you. You just need to pick the right one that suits you best.

Don’t forget to share this article among your all connections, especially with moms, so that they can be familiar with how to start a mom blog and make money.

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